Sunday, April 26, 2009

Website Translator __ A Review

Review Of Websites Translator

I don’t know if you’ve read any of my articles on the subject of website translation and why you would need it, but before you even read this review, make sure that a website translator is something that you really need and something that your web host can support. Otherwise, reading this review is going to be an exercise in wasted time. Just wanted to be up front about this.

Okay, assuming you’re still reading, you’ve decided that a website translator is not only something that you need but also can be supported by your current web host. So, the next question is simple…why this one? What makes it special?

For starters, this translator translates your site into 34 different languages…more than any other that I’ve seen online. It even tackles the tough ones like Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Japanese and Korean, which all use symbols totally foreign to we English speaking bunch. And the translations are perfect…not like some other translators that sometimes botch things terribly.

But aside from the fact that this translator translates into 34 languages while others translate only 8 or 9, that this translator is cheaper than all the others, that it works with HTML, PHP and ASP, and that it’s the easiest to install, this translator is the only one that will not only translate your web site but also keep the URL perfect for being indexed by the search engines. None of the others do this…NONE.

All other online translators will generate an url such as:

"" or some are a little bit better and they keep your domain name, but will generate links like:"

That is what we call a dynamic Url and search engines don't like it. They might never index your translated pages or it will take a lot longer to do so.

With this website translator script your URL will be perfect in any language and search engines will index all of your pages without any problems and quickly too.

It is for these reasons that going with this translator is a no brainer. Nothing even comes close to it.

At the very least, go to the site and see what the creator is offering. I promise you, this script will do EXACTLY what it says it will do.

Here is the site:

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