Thursday, May 28, 2009

Website Translator - Not All Are Equal

What You Need To Know About Website Translators

If you’re reading this article, you’re no doubt interested in getting a website translator for your website. Well, before you do that, there are some things you need to know about these translators. They are NOT all the same and some are going to leave you more frustrated than anything else and your visitors even more frustrated. After reading this article, it is my hope that you’ll understand what to watch out for so you end up getting a website translator that is going to do the job it needs to do.

One of the biggest problems with most website translators is that they simply don’t translate correctly. In many languages, such as German, the addition of a mark over a letter completely changes the meaning of the word. Some translators don’t accurately add these marks. This is turn will totally confuse the visitor as the word is nothing like what it’s supposed to be. This becomes an even bigger problem with languages like Chinese that are totally symbolic. Many of these translators are either woefully weak in this area or don’t tackle the language at all. So you have to make sure the language YOU need is included.

Another problem is with the software itself. Some translators don’t work on certain platforms. For example, you need to check what version of PHP and MySQL you need to have installed on your server. Some translators use other protocols that your hosting company may not support at all. The last thing you want to do is purchase a website translator and find out that it doesn’t work at all. And even the ones that do work, sometimes installation is a real pain in the backside and not all of these companies provide installation support. And forget about asking your web host. They’re going to be of no help whatsoever.

Finally, there are compatibilities. What if you have some kind of template system already in place on your server such as Wordpress? The translator you get may not only not work with your template, but it may totally screw it up beyond any recognition in the process. Most website translators are designed to work with standard static HTML sites. They are NOT designed to work with some of the advanced designs, like Wordpress, that we have today. And because something like Wordpress is updated so often, one update can either render your website translator useless or turn your Wordpress site into Swiss cheese. For more info and a review of a great website translator, read this website.

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