Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Website Translator -- Who Needs One ?

Why Do I Need A Website Translator?

This may sound like a strange question. However, since you’re reading this article, you’re obviously curious about getting one for your website. Well, this article is going to give you some straight facts about why a website translator may be the best thing for your website that you’ve ever done if you want to get more people to it who are actually going to take action when they get there. Keep reading to find out more.

Do you have any idea what the largest country is as far as Internet users? If you guessed the US, you’d be wrong. No, the United States is only number two. The top country, as far as Internet users is China. And while many DO speak English, how many do you think only speak Chinese? That is a sizeable population of users (about 250 million) who will have no idea what your site is about. Think about it.

But it doesn’t just stop with China. Japan has 94 million Internet users. Most of these people also speak only Japanese. What do you think having your website translated into Japanese is going to do for your business? Japan is number 3 on the list of Internet users. India is number 4 at about 60 million. Germany is number 5 at about 50 million. Brazil is number 6 at about 50 million. France is number 8 at about 35 million. South Korea is number 9 at about 35 million. And Italy is number 10 at about 35 million.

In all, there are about 1 billion people on the Internet who do NOT speak English or whose main language is NOT English. Do you think that maybe there is a market for reaching these people especially if you have a product that crosses cultural boundaries? This market is one that you are essentially leaving out because your website is only in English.

So what’s the answer? Well, there are website translators that exist. The problem is, they are NOT all the same. Some are very poor while others are very hard to use. Finding a good one is not easy simply because of the amount of work involved. In my signature, you’ll find a review of a great website translator that is definitely the cream of the crop. I think you’ll find the review worth reading.

Don’t leave 1 billion people with no way to appreciate YOUR site.
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